Kim Taehyung (1st Drabble)

He picked up the pieces of paper that have fallen to the floor, his coffee almost spilling as he bent over, his tie swinging away from his body. A ray of sunlight touched his hair, turning it into a caramel brown, and you reach out a hand to run your fingers through it.

“I missed you.” You breathed out.

You did. You missed his boxy smile, so wide you could see his teeth when he laughed too hard. The way his eyes would become completely smaller every time he grinned, and you remember how much you loved that about him, even when he adamantly says that his eyes are huge and that no, it doesn’t disappear whenever he smiled. You even missed his touch; his hands on your thighs, on the small of your back, on the nape of your neck, even the slightest graze when he pushes your hair behind your ear. The thought of being able to intertwine your hands with him again made you giddy because it’s been so long.

And now he’s here.

He chuckles, and it was like music to your ears because God knows how unsatisfying it was to merely hear it when you’re on Skype with the shitty connection that breaks the flow.

He sets the papers on the table and only then did you realize how much of a mess you’ve become. Coffee cups were left strewn all over the place, pencils on the floor, unfinished sketches lying around, clothes haphazardly thrown over chairs–and you, on your bed, wearing a shirt you’ve worn for days, feeling unlike yourself.

You cry, because you’ve been holding it in. You cry over the events for the past few days, how everything just fell apart within what felt like seconds; and then you felt yourself being carried, until he sits you on his lap, your head buried under his chin, his fingers slowly running through your hair and you cry harder because he remembered how that always calms you down. He slowly rocks you back and forth.

“Don’t cry. Stop crying. I’m here now,” he lifts your head, looking straight into your eyes, “I will never leave you alone, again, I promise you that.”

“And you realize, nothing else comes close when you’re with Kim Taehyung.


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